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Survival Program Survival Programs will improve your team’s problem solving through reinforcing interpersonal (people) and rational (task) skills and behaviors that lead to successful teamwork in a highly competitive and ever changing environment.

Take Your Team Out of Their Comfort Zone and Show them Their Full Potential

Prepare your staff for literally anything by embarking on Top Team’s Survivor Program. Whether you are stranded on a desert island, in the woods or in the mountains, you will be far from civilization and Top Team’s senior trainer Jimmy will teach your staff the right techniques to survive. Jimmy is a military veteran with 27 years of experience serving with the UK Special Forces and he has received desert and jungle training, served throughout the world including several major conflicts, and faced all extremes of temperature and varied terrain. Jimmy has trained executives from companies and organizations as diverse as British Aerospace and Liverpool FC. 

 How it works

Tuitions and demonstrations are held by a former member of the UK Special Forces. After learning about traps, shelter, fire and outdoor food preparation, teams are dispatched to put their news skills to the test by setting up camp. 

 Who is this program for?

The Top Team Survivor challenge is for anyone looking to take their staff out of their comfort zone and break down barriers in a safe environment.

The Benefits 

 Leadership Skills 

The survival exercise obliges participants to take on leadership roles, exercise their communicate skills and make tough and quick decisions under pressure. Participants will be better prepared to deal with adverse and stressful situations in business life.  

Team Cohesion 

 Going through survival training creates strong bonds among the team. Learning to trust others, and to help others, is part of survival training. 

Survival Skills 

 This is the most obvious result of learning survival skills. Survival training increases your odds of making it through adverse situations. The majority of survival is based around preparation, and there is no better preparation than proper training. 

Character Building 

 The challenges of this program requires participants to exhort themselves in terms of effort and endurance to such a degree that strengthens or improves a person's character.In particular when a younger person must face the reality of survival situations, and consider what he or she should do to live through a harsh survival event, it causes character growth.   

Self Reliance 

 When people learn to handle themselves out in the wild, they come away from the program with a strong sense of self-reliance, knowing that they can deal with adverse situations that most people rarely ever get to experience. 

 Social Skills 

 Some of the people that come to survival exercise have not developed strong social skills in their everyday lives. When they are exposed to the challenging world of survival training, where communication is vital, they gain valuable experience in how to interact with others. 

Self Confidence 

Knowing that you can survive when things go bad is great for your self-confidence. Participants emerge from a survival training course with a greater sense of self confidence. They have faced tough challenges, and they know that they can handle them. 

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