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Save lives in Vietnam with first aid mobile app 

About This Project 

First aid and Survival skills have long been educated in the curriculum, companies and community of developed countries. However, most of Vietnamese are not educated with these vital knowledge and skills. Most victims are not properly rescued or not given first aid before being sent to hospitals, causing a very high mortality rate in the country, and thus big loss, suffering and burden for families and the whole society. 

 In 2016, there are 21,589 traffic accidents with 19,280 injured and 8,855 deaths * out of which 1000 could have been saved if having proper first aid. Besides, there are 11,500 drowned children ** and 250 people died from electric shock *** each year in Vietnam. 

 Our Sơ Cấp Cứu (First Aid Helper) mobile app project aims to help untrained Vietnamese people improve survivability in dangerous situations. 

 1. Who are we?

We are Survival Skills Vietnam (SSV), a volunteer non-profit group who aim to improve survivability of Vietnamese people by improving awareness of first aid skills. The group led by Mr. Tony Coffey, an operational Emergency Paramedic in Sydney, Australia. In the last 3 years, Mr. Tony has been traveling frequently to Vietnam to deliver First Aid training for Vietnamese, especially the young students. At the same time he is training a community of local volunteer first aiders who will then be provided with further trainings to be SSVN Local First Aid Trainers who help to spread first aid awareness and skills to more people. At the moment, he is consulting our Sơ Cấp Cứu (First Aid Helper) Mobile App Project. 

First aid training at school  

However, due to our limited time and resources, we will not be able to train for all the Vietnamese population of over 90 million. Therefore, we’d like to leverage mobile technology to deliver our first aid instructions to more than 20 million Vietnamese people who are using smartphones. Sơ Cấp Cứu (First Aid Helper) app will be the first mobile app in Vietnamese language and customized for popular accidents and injuries in Vietnam.

Fire escape planning

2. Purposes of the project 

 Your donation will be used to develop Sơ Cấp Cứu (First Aid Helper) mobile app project aims to help Vietnamese people who mostly are unfamiliar with first aid practices improve survivability of themselves and help other people in dangerous situations. This is the first First Aid help in Vietnamese language and it will be totally free. 

 Main purposes of the app: 

+ To provide basic easy to understand step-by-step instructions to untrained rescuers in case of emergency to improve survivability of victims 

+To assist trainees of Survival Skills Vietnam in training and practicing first aid skills

Actual app under development

Please feel free to test our mock-up app (this is not finalized product, still under development to demonstrate basic use of the project) at 

3. What is your funding for? 

+ To employ mobile phone programmers to continue developing the app. The money will be prioritized to employ local programming students or staff who have disadvantaged conditions or disabilities. 

+ To pay for relevant project management costs. 

+ To advertise the app and create relevant advertising materials 

Other costs which are not covered by your donation (covered by our own volunteer contribution instead): travel, consultation, interpretation, media (mostly instruction photos) used for the app, and mockup product.

Photo shooting for in-app instruction