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September 11th Visit from Survival Skills Vietnam Group Singapore International School Vung Tau was visited by a group of volunteers from the NGO called Survival Skills Vietnam (SSVN). Their main purpose is to help Vietnamese people of all ages understand basic First Aid and survival skills that could help them or their loved ones stay alive during times of trauma or crisis. 

 The group was led by Mr. Tony Coffey, an Australian paramedic, who has made it his mission to help to educate the public in Vietnam on ways to help people who have been in accidents. He was assisted in his presentation to our students by Ms. Trang Jena Nguyen, who not only translated into Vietnamese but also added her own style and input to the presentation. 

 The group of over 100 students was led through many different scenarios of crises and then educated on how to deal with them. From helping an unresponsive victim to burns and cuts and abrasions, the students were learning about basic First Aid as well as being entertained. They also learned what to do around dogs and how to help a person who might have broken an arm or a leg. 

 Overall, it was a great learning experience for all of the Year 4-IGCSE 2 students. They each took away a bit of knowledge that they will hopefully put to good use should the need ever arise. 

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