Benefits of First Aid for Corporates

Increasing employees' productivity and the quality of products and services thanks to employees’ mind being at ease and fully concerntrating on their jobs.

Employees come back to work after the injuries more quickly. 

reducing cost

Significantly reducing direct and indirect costs related to employees’ injuries and disruption in production and business.

enhancing BRAND’S VALUES

Creating a positive and trustworthy image.

Improving employees' working spirit and commitment.

SSVN trains first aid and emergency evacuation practices, which are proven the most effective and updated ones by the recommendations of the International and Regional Emergency Relief Association.

The curriculum of SSVN is regularly updated in accordance with the latest guidelines of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), International and Regional Emergency Relief Association, and other relevant international organizations. SSVN's handbook was compiled in detail with images and specific instructions. SSVN's certification is valid for 12 months in accordance with international regulations.
Our non-profit project aims at reducing preventable morality rate of Vietnamese. The training fees you pay will help us bring our social activities to more children and vulnerable communities!

Why choose Survival Skills SSVN?

Clients talked about us

This program has raised people's awareness of the importance of first aid and I have learnt that only helping others in the right way can save their lives. If there is enthusiasm, but without skills and knowledge, no good results can be achieved.
For me, every minute of the couse today is valuable. Many thanks to the knowledge, skills, good will and enthusiasm of expert Tony and Trang Jena. I hope that everyone in Vietnam will know about your programs and courses so that they learn more skills that are necessary for their lives.
Extremely great and meaningful! The course is very useful for individuals as well as the community. I hope that there will be more and more supporters so that every Vietnamese can master these skills and knowledge to help ourselves, family, friends and people around us.

Teaching Method

SSVN adopts visual teaching methods with images, videos and illustrates vivid realities along with a fun and open-for-exchange style. SSVN uses common words so that participants can understand easily and remember what they are taught for a long time..

Program Design

The program is designed specifically for each group of participants as well as the characteristics of each corporate.

Knowledge and Practice

SSVN's courses provide participants with an in-depth understanding of fundamental knowledge, why they need it and focus on individual practice.

Handbook, Mobile app & Certificates

SSVN provides free first aid handbooks and mobile app so that participants can review and practice after the course. At the end of the courses, participants perform situation handling in the final examination and receive certificates.

Quotation for course trained by foreign expert

Small 15 pax 4 hours VND15,730,000
Small 15 pax hours VND24,530,000
Medium 30 pax hours VND17,600,000
Medium 30 pax hours VND27,500,000
Big 50 pax hours VND26,400,000
Big 50 pax hours VND41,250,000


  • Customized courses to meet customers’ need and occupational safety conditions.
  • The curriculum are compiled by international expert and updated in accordance with the latest guidelines of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). Trainers are international experts or trained by international experts.
  • First aid handbooks for practice and review.
  • Sơ cấp cứu - First Aid SSVN Mobile App.


  • The price includes 10% VAT.
  • The above quotation is valid from 11/6/2018 until there is further notice
  • The client will arrange training venues that are suitable with the registered number of participants. The venues should have enough space for practice, screens, projectors, microphones and refreshments.
  • The above quotation does NOT include transportation and accommodation for the training team if the training location is outside HCMC.
  • Customers outside of Ho Chi Minh City will be responsible for the travel and accomodation costs for the training team, which usually consists of at least 2 people.
  • Public schools are entitled to a 10% discount.