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Sơ Cấp Cứu - First Aid SSVN

Sơ Cấp Cứu - First Aid SSVN is the first free mobile app in Vietnamese that provides first-aid step-by-step instructions to help users save themselves and other people in emergency situations.
First Aid SSVN mobile app is expected to increase survival ability and reduce injury rate of Vietnamese people which is highly alarming due to the low awareness of survival skills and first aid. .
* This app cannot replace professional first-aid classroom training.
Save life in Vietnam with a first aid app

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Users talked about us

Very wonderful! The app has a lot of useful information that not many people have known about. 
I hope more and more people will know about this app and how useful it is!
The app shows me how much effort and contribution the organization and its management team have spent. They are all wonderful. 
Thanks to the app, I have learnt the most basic skills everyone should know to save themselves and others' lives. 
Thanks a lot for the useful and neccessary instructions.
Extremely useful!
identifying situation
Supporting users in quickly identifying victim's situation and providing appropriate guidance. 
Step-by-step instruction with video and sound to help users learn more easily. 
Regularly updating content and adding new features to save people more conveniently! 
Features that will be updated soon:
  • Instructions with GIFs
  • Sending SOS messsages to emergency contacts