Learn to open airway, maintain blood circulation, reduce the seriousness of the wound and promote the recovery for the victims. Knowing how to do first aid can increase the survival ability of yourself, your family and people around you when there are accidents or serious problems!

Identify and dispose the risks at workplace as well as prevent accidents to ensure occupational safety, reduce the loss resulted from injuries and increase productivity for your company with first aid skills especially designed for working environment!

Do you know what to do when there are fire, injuries when travelling or accidents happenning to your children and the elderly? SSVN has all the courses that can satisfy your needs. 

Why First Aid?

Increase safety 
Better awareness of hazards and their consequences can help to prevent accidents and make our living environment safer. 
PRESERVE LIFE AND prevent the condition from worsening
A few first minutes after the accident takes place are vital to the victim's life. Appropriate intervention can enhance survival ability of the victims until the relief personnel arrives.
reduce the pain for victims 
Regarding many injuries,  simple techniques such as placing the victims in recovery position, applying hot and cold compress can reduce their pain.
promote recovery 
Appropriate application of first aid can prevent scars or help the medical personnel to fasten the recovery process for the victims.
Our Activities 
First aid and evacuation are important survival skills for everybody. SVVN provides many training courses for corporates with different needs. 
First aid and evacuation are important survival skills for everybody. SVVN provides different training courses for all needs and all ages.
Our non-profit project aims at reducing preventable morality rate of Vietnamese. The training fees you pay will help us bring our social activities to more children and vulnerable communities! 

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